EN | In disguise (D.317 – fanzine edition) • Year: 2020

I have searched for certain truths for a long time, and desperately so. I have often had them right in front of my eyes, very close; but my mind, confused and concerned about other things, was not often able to find them.
For a long time they have betrayed my gaze, In disguise as they were, before revealing themselves and upending everything, my feelings and my whole life.
It has been challenging, but I have gathered some photographs I have taken in the last five years. In the midst of trying to allow myself to be transported by my melancholy feelings, I once again face what has come to pass, sure of the fact that I will not reach any conclusion.
The truths, my truths, are hidden in between these photographs. In time, they may change their significance just like new selections and new synthesis’ will be made, but before that day comes, before time will act upon my conscience once again and will make me re-elaborate these moments, I feel the need to publish the results of this first immersion of mine, an instinctive and emotional one.